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The easy BCD is software that helps to set up computer multi-boot environment easily. Setting a multi-boot on your computer can be very hectic especially when using the standard operating system. Different computer experts recommend the use of EasyBCD as it proves to be very efficient and secure to use thus enabling quick multi-boot setting. In standard operating systems, it can be challenging to set up the multi-boot, and you will have to follow along the channel to access bios menu to make any changes in the default settings. In case you use desktops with dual operating systems, EasyBCD is what you need to enable you to set up a quick double boot of both OS.

What’s good about easy BCD?

When thinking of dual booting set up on your computer then you have all the reasons to consider using the EasyBCD software. Here is what makes EasyBCD the best option;

  • The software makes the dual-boot setting process easy –once you have the software all you need is to click on the operating system you are using in your computer and the relating hard drive after which you will be able to access the boot menu easily and add entries you need. 
  • After you add the entries, the software displays the summary of the operating system you have included by clicking on the view settings button. At this stage, you will be able to know whether both your operating systems are in the EasyBCD software for multi-boot setting.
  • To change the default operating system and timer is also very easy, you just click the edit boot menu button and make the changes you need. A process that will take less than a minute to execute and then you can select the ok option.
  • The EasyBCD software purpose is to enable the multi-boot setting or manipulation very simple to the human. The software design is proving to be very useful giving it an excellent recommendation from the top computer scholars.

The downside of the EasyBCD

The software despite enabling comfortable dual boot setting, it has some disadvantages which you need to be aware of when using the EasyBCD. The demerits are as follows;

  • The EasyBCD sometimes may not be compatible with some operating systems, and if it happens, it may make your desktop slow. Once the OS is not readily compatible with the software, it will be a problem to execute the dual booting and sometimes it might kill your computer hard drives.
  • In some cases, the software may be compatible with one operating system on your computer and fail to work well with the other OS. When this is the case, then the software will not help in executing the multiple booting and will only be able to single boot the compatible OS.

The EasyBCD enjoys an excellent pool of users and has an excellent rating in the software market an indication of its effectiveness in performance. Those who interact with the software praise its easy use and its unique capabilities which make it more suitable for dual-boot settings. You can download the software free of charge and enjoy the quality services which enables quick multi-boot settings on your computer.

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  • Adele Sanchez

    says on:
    May 13, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    Thank you so much easybcd helped me a lot…My support to Linux.

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