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Before you upgrade your macOSX, you must make sure that you are cleaning and safe upgrade that is free from junks or any viruses. This ensures that everything will be safe and free from any malware that may interfere with everything after the command has been made a .an upgrade is always made because the new version is always configured with new features that are of higher efficiency than the previous OS.

Upgrading is always the easiest way of running a new macOS .it also has a great advantage since personal and important information of a particular person are always maintained and are very safe. All the data that is always located on the startup drive is always lost and replaced by a clean copy of the OS.

When the mac is running slowly and sometimes does not start up normally as it should, or it also has some crashes then it adds a clean installation of a new pone to ensure that bit is safe and the issues are clear and well solved out.

In upgrading of the macOS manual cleaning is very crucial .this is done using an application like the Clean MyMac3 that is much time to save as it takes less time and thus a lot of time is left to engage in other activities. The cleanup application is also downloaded for free, and it does not require any payments whatsoever .after downloading it you must first launch it, scan it and afterward you clean it. After the cleanup, the free from any trash and also has a lot of free space.

A clean installation of macOS sierra on the startup completely erases all the data and application, and therefore some backup has to be done to ensure that one recovers their data. In backing up the process a machine time is opened up, and a selected disk is identified after which cloud storage or external storage is identified then the machine timing is turned on. Afterward, backup is done in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

A bootable flash drive is then created with macOS sierra. The USB flash disk is first formatted to make sure that it loses all the data that it has, and then it is renamed. This ensures that it is ready to perform the remaining tasks. The terminal will copy the installer file on the disk, and after it is done, then the USB drive is ready to use.

The installer is then launched from the application folder and non-start up drive for installation of Sierra is found.by clicking show all disks file the installer will display itself out. Installation is after that done. The macOS sierra installer will then show up how it is progressing in its display bar .wait for the progress until it is done. Guidelines through the macOS sierra setup process will be shown, and then one can create an account, make dates and time and after that make some other introduction outlines.

After the above is done, one can enjoy a fresh upgraded, cleaned up and installed macOSX

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  • Yolly Bridge

    says on:
    May 5, 2018 at 10:24 pm

    why i can,t download? install failed?

  • Paul James

    says on:
    May 13, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    No need to upgrade Your Mac OSx….that is one of major advantages of mac. safe reliable.

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