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Protecting your data is very important. This is why you should always backup your computer at the end of the day. Data that is sensitive should be backed up even sooner. Today, we are going to learn five different ways to backup your data and protect it from being lost.


  1. The iCloud: If you are using an apple product, a great way to backup your data is by storing it in the iCloud. Windows users also has the option of syncing their files to the iCloud for safe storage.


  1. Dropbox: Another great way to backup your device is by using dropbox. Dropbox has been around for a long time and is a trusted source for data storage. This storage service offers 2GB of free storage space. They have both personal accounts and business accounts to meet your needs.


  1. Google Drive: This is a great way to backup your data especially if you are using an Android device. Google Drive is built into every Android device making it super easy to store data.


  1. OneDrive: OneDrive is great for storing data and you can access it using Windows 10’s file explore. For those of you that are Mac users ,there is a OneDrive download in the Mac App Store.


  1. External Hard Drive: If you have highly sensitive data or you’re just worried about the dangers of hacking, one of the best ways to backup your data is with an external hard drive. Storing your data on an external hard drive will allow you to keep it safe from hackers and you can carry it with you anywhere you go.


These are five different ways to backup your data. Each of them provide a high level of security and best of all most of them are completely free. So make sure that you are using one of these methods to keep your data safe.